Man Proposes In Packed Mcdonald’s And Gets Brutally Rejected.

A man’s unsuccessful marriage proposal at a South African McDonald’s has left social media in a tizzy. An unknown woman, who seemed surprised by his question, viciously rejected him in the midst of the restaurant.

She exchanged a shocked face with the personnel behind the counter, as other customers can be heard trying to persuade her to say yes – before shaking her head at the man on one knee.

As the harrowing film continues, she seems to exchange passionate words with the betrayed guy before storming away, accompanied by a chorus of boos.

The video, which has 3.7 million views on Twitter, also shows the man rising up and asserting his McDonald’s meal before exiting the busy eatery.

The tweet stated that seen a such a tragic thing today. People who commented on the popular video were quick to make jokes — “She said Mc-No,” one person joked — while others criticized the man’s choice of venue.

“Proposing in public seems so manipulative to me because if she refuses you, she’s the villain even though you put her on the spot,” one reviewer commented. “You absolutely deserve to be rejected if you propose to your girlfriend in front of a McDonald’s,” said another.

Meanwhile, doubters were quick to see a wedding band already on the man’s finger, questioning if the public display of devotion was genuine or merely a social media farce.

“Why is this man already wearing a wedding band?” one spectator wondered. “Wait a minute, is this man trying to take a second wife?” “I saw a ring,” said another.

Footage of the man’s misery got an extra 182,000 likes on TikTok, where many fans were lovin’ it. “I want to see what occurred from the cashier’s point of view,” one person jokes. “It’s the cashier filming on his phone for me,” another chipped in.

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