Man proposes to his girlfriend AND her five-year-old daughter

Grant Tribbett, 26, of Indiana, proposed to his long-term partner Cassandra Lynn in a lovely series of images. Cassandra has a five-year-old daughter called Adrianna Rose, whom Grant adores, as seen by his stunning proposal to Cassandra.

Cassandra expressed that he woke her up by telling her and her kid to get ready for breakfast since he was taking them out. This was a semi-regular event for them since he is constantly trying to do adorable little things on the spur of the moment.

So they got dressed up and he brought them to Cracker Barrel, which was strange since he had them dress up. He was behaving strangely, so she grew scared and afraid he might propose there. He didn’t, so they left. They stopped at a wildlife park on their way home, and she immediately suspected something was wrong. Grant dropped down on one knee about a mile into the preserve, as their photographer friend, Mandi Gilliland, arrived to record the occasion.

But it wasn’t simply Grant and Cassandra’s moment that was caught on film. Grant stepped over to tiny Adrianna when Cassandra said ‘Yes.’ ‘Adrianna, may I be your daddy, to vow to love and protect you forever?’ he said, pulling up a little jewelry box. Cassandra expressed that her daughter answered ‘thank you’ at first, before Grant inquired, ‘Was that a yes or no, sweetheart?’ Adrianna then delivered the most incredible answer. ‘She said YES and then yelled, ‘I finally got a daddy, mother,’ adds Cassandra. ‘I FINALLY HAVE A DADDY!”

Grant characterized his proposal as an “emotional time” for the whole family. He realized that proposing to Cassandra implied committing to a lifetime of parenthood,’ he explained. He wanted to add Adrianna since the two are genuinely a comprehensive bundle. He wanted to make it extra special for her.’ It was a really emotional time for all of them.

It required a few weeks of deliberation. But one of her best friends is a professional photographer, so he devised a plan and ran it by her. She assisted him in deciding on a site. He planned to do it in a natural preserve, and then they devised a plan for her to hide out and record the entire event.

We are overjoyed for all three of them. May this beautiful family always be happy together.

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