Man Punishes Wife’s Son, Makes Him Clean The Whole House Instead Of Going To A Birthday Party.

Parenting is challenging. It’s important to correct and discipline the child when he or she is wrong. In this story a step dad politely tries to make his step son understand his mistake. But read the story to know what happened between the two and let us know whom do u support.

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I (39M) have a 11yro daughter and a 12yro stepson. They get along well most of the time, but like most kids, they fight and annoy each other.

My stepson developed a habit of going into my daughter’s room and taking things to his room to upset her (like a T-shirt, a favourite pen, a teddy bear etc etc). I have told him to stop doing that repeatedly, and told him that each time he does it, he will be punished (the first time after that he took something, he was on trash duty for a week, next time he had to wash the car, next time he had to help me mow the lawn (which he hates) etc. He pretty much stopped upsetting my daughter after this. My wife says I am being too strict, but I told her his behaviour is unacceptable and he has to be disciplined.

Yesterday was my stepson’s best friend’s birthday party and my stepson was really happy to go, very excited about it. A few days before this party, he entered my daughter’s room and took her diary. When my daughter found out, she got very upset and told me and my wife about it. My wife suggested we discipline her son by making him wash the dishes that night. I told her this has become a big problem and just washing the dishes isn’t nearly enough. We sat both kids down and I explained to my stepson that what he is doing is taking my daughter’s stuff without her consent and that is not okay. Stepson said he just does it to annoy her.

I said I know, but he has to stop. He said she annoys him too (like how she always sits in the armchair he likes most – this was the example he gave) and I said that I know that and she is disciplined for it as well, but what he is doing is worse. I said I know they like each other and are happy to be siblings, and are just teasing each other, but this breach of consent needs to stop – he cannot enter her room uninvited, much less enter her room and take things. Stepson then yelled at me, saying that this is his house (my daughter and I moved in with my wife and stepson years ago) and he will enter the room whenever he wants.

I told him that’s it, he isn’t going to the party and will instead clean the house with me and my wife that day. He is obviously upset. My wife says that was an AH move from me, but I think it’s the only way he will learn. What are your opinions? Did I go too far here?

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