Man Received His Childhood Bully’s Heartwarming Apology.

Being a bully in school… or anywhere else… is not cool. And some finally realize it. Here are 4 stories of bullies who reconsidered their ways.

1. Riyadh K is a YouTube star – far more so than yours truly… and good for him. But when he was a young boy, he was harassed about his sexuality, even before he knew what sexuality was.

He was a young gay person and he was terrified that he would be outed to his parents. One classmate, in particular, tormented him, and that mental anguish lasted for years after he graduated.

So Riyadh decided to call him to get some closure. And although that nameless bully was surprised to hear from Riyadh and got just a little defensive at time, he DID acknowledge that his treatment of Riyadh was wrong… and he apologized. Riyadh can now sleep easy.

2. James used to bully boys in school who seemed feminine or openly gay. He came from a Christian home where his father was a beast when it came to talking angrily about those who were gay. So James carried on in that vein to others, calling them terrible names and treating them horribly. But James also realized something. He himself…was gay.

So James posted an open apology on social media to all of those he made fun of and called names. He also asked if there were any others out there like him to not take the route of bullying; to talk to people in a civilized manner.

He closed his letter by saying: “Fight on, and live an amazingly happy life with whomever you love.”

3. A girl, we’ll call her Debbie, was tormented so much by another girl in school that her only sense of real freedom was when she finally graduated. Some time later, when that bully sent her a friend request, she was reluctant to accept it, but did.

Then, about two months later, that bully of Debbie’s asked her out to lunch. Again, Debbie was reluctant, but decided to meet her for lunch. Once there, that “bully” apologized to Debbie for all the hell she put her through, and became so emotional, that she started crying. She begged her for forgiveness… and Debbie DID forgive her.

And now, some 5 years later, they are the best of friends.

4. Chad Morrisette was bullied by so many of his classmates when he was going to school in a small Alaskan town. But 20 years later, one of those bullies reached out to him on Facebook to offer his sincere apologies.

Louie, one of those who bullied his classmate those many years ago, told Chad he was recently talking with his 10-year-old daughter and she asked him if he had ever bullied anyone.

Louie said he had to admit that he did. He realized then how horrible he was to Chad and he just had to apologize for it.

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