Man Refuses To Allow Homeless Ex With Her Child To Stay At His Place.

Source: Reddit

So I broke up with my ex about two years ago. We both moved on amicably and she since found a new relationship and had a child in which the dad left her after about six months.

Long story short she came to my apartment and pleaded for somewhere to stay due to having no money. I live by myself in a nice apartment and do not want her or her child inside because the last thing I want is to listen to a baby cry all night or have to endure the smell of when its nappy needs changing.

As the baby is not mine I don’t have any legal obligation to help, so I told them to go buy some blankets to stay warm outside and then called security because they were crying and it was somewhat embarrassing.

Her mum then called me and said I was evil (her mum lives on the other side of the country). I told her why she was wrong but she could not grasp basic legal concepts so I hung up on her.

I need some advice on if I’m wrong ?

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