Man Refuses To Sign Birth Certificate As His Wife Wants His Son Named After Her Ex-Husband.

Source: Reddit

My wife lost her first husband James 8 years ago. At the time she was pregnant with their baby girl and miscarried soon after his death.

Now we are expecting our first child together (a baby boy). She was set on the name James. I told her that’s just too weird for me and while it’s a nice name, I don’t want to name my son after her ex.

She dropped it and eventually suggested the name Oliver. I loved it, and we agreed. Three days ago her family was over for dinner and I told them about the name we’ve chosen. Her sister then said “oh, so like James??” and I was confused, so sister said “well that was James’ middle name, wasn’t it?”.

After they all left I told my wife I’ve had it with her trying to push her ex into our lives like this. She said we already agreed on Oliver. I told her I’m not signing the birth certificate if she names him after her ex.

She says being insensitive, her mother says I should let it go because it was just a middle name. Her sister says it’s weird to name the baby after the ex in any scenario. What should I do? I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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