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Man Rescues White Shark By Pulling It Back Into The Sea By Its Tail.

9 stories about people rescuing sharks.

1. In Sydney, Australia, 33-year-old Karl Bucholtz was working across the road from Manly Beach when he spotted something unusual.

It was a young shark that had been washed up to beach. Karl ran over to it and immediately grabbed it by the tail and started pulling it back toward the ocean.

Says Karl: “You can’t just stand there and watch it die.”

After four unsuccessful attempts at getting it back into the water, Karl contacted the staff at a nearby sanctuary and they took in the young male shark for a short time before releasing it back into the ocean.

2. Nicholas Andre came rushing over when he saw that a dolphin had washed up on the shores at Lizard Point in Cornwall. As Nick and another man who ran over to help out began pulling the creature back into water, they realized something… THIS was no DOLPHIN! It was a shark… a 12-foot shark that had lost its way in the waters.

But they continued pulling it back into the waters until it was good to go. Luckily for those guys that shark was a basking shark, a type that has no teeth and is no threat to man.

3. A Tiger shark was beached in Australia, and a lot of onlookers gathered around to watch it flop about. Then, three really brave guys grabbed it by the tail, turned it around and tried pushing it out to sea.

They had a few unsuccessful attempts and even turned the shark over onto its back. But finally, a big wave came in and pulled the shark away, much to the delight of the applauding onlookers.

4. On Long Beach Island, a 3-foot shark washed up to the beach back in July. Then, as a hundred beachgoers watched, a tough guy grabbed it from behind, walked out to the waters and handed it off to someone on a Ski-do, then they rode it out and released it into deeper waters.

5. Back in March, a few friends were fishing at Jensen Beach in Florida when they noticed a shark had been caught in one of their fishing lines.

They took extreme care to pull the shark onto shore and one of the men grabbed it, untangled the fishing line and another man clipped the hook that was in its jaw. One of the men then pulled it back into the waters and released it.

6. While on a free diving trip in Florida, Szilard Janko and his friend, Julia Sheffer, came upon a young nurse shark that was tangled in fishing line with a hook in its mouth. The line was wrapped around a reef and the small shark had limited movement.

Janko swam to it and carefully pulled out the hook from it’s lip, as Sheffer recorded it. Janko said that if no one had found the shark, it would have died there.

7. There are some pretty tough and brave guys out there in this world, as you can tell by these stories. But ya know what? There’s some equally tough and brave gals out there. And 50-year-old Melissa Hatheier of Australia is one of them.

Melissa’s mother actually pointed out to her what looked like a small shark in distress, as it was caught in a rock pool in their swimming area. So Melissa went over to the shark, picked it up and walked over to the side area to release it back into the ocean.

Says Melissa: “It was kind of like a toddler, and [there was] not a problem throwing him over.”

Our in house Shark Wrangler Melissa Hatheier wrestling a shark out of Oak Park Rock Pool yesterday morning! Nice work Mel! #nextlevel #classicMel

Posted by Cronulla Real Estate on Monday, 9 October 2017

8. In Cape Cod, Massachusetts, beachgoers came upon a 7-foot great white shark that had founds its way out of the water. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they began throwing buckets of water on the dehydrated animal, which was on its back.

After getting hit with a few of those buckets of water, the shark seemed to start reviving. Finally, one of the rescuers tied a rope to its tail and the other end was tied to a speed boat. The boat moved slowly and carefully into the waters and when it reached enough water, it was released.

9. Alan Holyoak thought a baby porpoise had washed up on the shores in Seaside, Oregon. But when he walked up to it, he quickly realized it was a baby shark… a baby salmon shark to be exact.

Alan, a marine biologist from Idaho, knew it had to get back into some deep water… but there were several tiny little problems… all those sharp teeth in its mouth. He knew that even though it was small, it could give him a nasty bite. But when he decided to pick it up to see how it reacted, it was lethargic… didn’t move at all and was almost like a rag doll.

Alan was worried but hopeful, when he set it down into some water and gave it a gentle push off. After a few seconds, it started to show signs of life, and began its swim toward the deeper waters.

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