Man shames restaurant by weighing steak at the table to prove it is underweight

Antonio Chacon, 22, went to a restaurant for a birthday meal with his family previously this month at Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado, when he placed an order for his preferred meal, ribs and steak with fries and crushed potato.

Antonio took it to the extreme to show his steak was underweight after whipping out a set of weighing machine at his table. He said his 6oz steak appeared like a baby’s meal and claims he was right after the weighing machine discovered it actually weighed 3.68oz only.

However as the meal was brought from the kitchen, he said he observed the sirloin seemed indeed small. He then took his small electronic weighing scales from his car’s toolbox, putting them on the table in front of the attendant as he watched in surprise. The attendant was shocked and said that Antonio is correct.

Antonio then criticized that the sirloin in fact weighed 3.68oz only, nearly half the mass it had been marketed and prompting the cook to prepare his meal all over again. 

Antonio said that he said the supervisor and attendant but they didn’t trust him. He then went with his mother, father, girlfriend and his brothers and his two stepdaughters and they all were amused.

His father said to bring the weighing scale and Antonio took the permission from the restaurant manager to make sure it does not look disrespectful. He asked the manager and she said to go ahead as she does not have any problem if he wish to weight the meal.

The meal weighed 3.6oz and the waiter said that it will weigh 4oz or 5oz. Antonio replied that it looks small and like a children’s meal. After his protest and weigh up the meat, staff re-created his meal and even asked the chief cook to bring out his food. The re-ordered meal looked way larger and a lot better and they offered him a discount as well.

Subsequent his visit, Antonio went on to share his post on internet to name and shame the eatery, to which left folks divided.

Several social media users claimed that the recorded mass of the meat is beforehand it is cooked and not after that. But Antonio remains untroubled by the exposure and says other restaurant-goers should carry weighing machine so they too can weigh their meat.

A lot of people said that it was a drug scale but Antonio said it is actually not. One of the users said that the meat was 6oz when he ordered it then the restaurant cooked it and it will obviously weigh less. While another user said that now he has certainly got to bring his scale with him.

Describing the reaction to his post, Antonio said that some people were talking rubbish whereas there are others who are getting inspired as well.

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