Man Slammed For Not Buying Lemonade For His Pregnant Wife.

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My wife and I are from the UK, but fairly recently visited Disney with our 5 year old.

Whilst out there my wife developed a taste for minute maid lemonade, pink not regular although she says it’s the same as lemonade but “somehow tastes different”

On our way back from our holiday she stopped by a shop in the airport and she bought several(? Or quite a few pink minute maid lemonade)

Onto today my sister is visiting and spotted the drink in the fridge, asked to have it and I recall my wife having a few and finding a website to buy more (since they don’t sell in the UK) so I said yes, but my wife got home and had a craving but apparently the bottle I’d given my sister was the last one…I apologised! She asked if she’d replace it “plus a few, since she’s pregnant and craving it” and I said no, because it’s high in sugar (type 1 diabetic) and also expensive? We’re on baby number 2, she wants to take our child back to Disney next year and go to the other parks like we did this year – we’re saving where we can, that includes little purchases like this.

Whilst not actively swearing at me, I can tell she’s very pouty, although I think she’s just upset to be back in the UK… Am I Wrong?

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