Man Slammed For Not Going To Brother’s Wedding When His Step-Son Wasn’t Invited.

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I (m28) have been with my fiance (f30) for a year and a half. I have a stepson (4) that I adore and treat as my own.

My older brother’s wedding is soon. I was intending on going but after I found out that my stepson was not invited, we started having issues. My brother explained that it’s the nature of the wedding they chose which is child free but my fiancee was upset that this rule was forced on family as well. She got into arguments with my brother and his fiancee and ended up deciding to not go to the wedding.

As a result I called my brother and told I no longer wanted to come after what happened. He began arguing saying my fiancee is the one being unreasonable and now has “convinced” me to miss his wedding. I told him that this is just me supporting my family after the way he and his fiancee treated them. His fiancee said they don’t owe us anything and that this is a wedding rule that applied to everyone. I said “fine then I’m not coming”.

My brother is pissed and my parents are calling me unreasonable for being willing to miss my only sibling’s wedding and basically let a woman I’ve only known for a year and half drive a wedge between us. They said if I go through with this then I might lose my brother, who’s my support and comfort forever, and so much damage and hurt will come out of this.

I stopped responding to them but members of my extended family are saying that me and my fiancee are creating the problem trying to control my brother’s wedding.

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