Man suffers a heart attack and dies while burying girlfriend he murdered.

According to the South Carolina Police, Joseph McKinnon, 60, who strangled his lady friend, Patricia Dent, 65, pass away of a heart attack immediately after he buried her in their backyard.  

Joseph dug a hole in their Trenton backyard before murdering Patricia on Saturday morning. As per Edgefield County cops, he then knotted up her body and enveloped it in litter bags.

However, Joseph himself pass away of a heart attack just after burying Dent in the backyard. Cops were called after fellow residents dotted Joseph’s absolutely still body in the yard.

Cops believed that Joseph had deceased of usual reasons as they did not found any foul play indications. While informing Joseph’s immediate family members, cops discovered the body of Patricia.

Patricia was believed to be employed at Mount Vintage golf course, but didn’t show up and neither she reply to calls or answer back to text messages. 

Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland and coroner David Burnett thought that the reason of demise for Joseph was established to be a heart attack while Patricia was found to have passed away by asphyxiation.

They further revealed that proof assembled at the sight, alongside with testimonials from witnesses assisted investigators to shape a timeline and directed them to consider that Joseph attacked Patricia while inside their home. They further added that the pit was then incompletely filled in by Joseph and while covering the pit, he had heart attack that leads to his passing away.

Before dialing 911, a neighbour tried to revive Joseph and executed compressions on the body.

Patricia’s twin sister, Pamela Briggs, said that she was traumatized and didn’t see any of this coming. She added that everybody who ever met her sister liked her as she was full of energy.

Pamela failed to believe what has happened but accepted that this is reality and a big part of her is gone and now she is going to have to live with that loss.

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