Man Tells Fiancé His Kids Will Always Come First & Their Mother Will Always Be Important.

Every relationship experiences ups and downs. And it takes twice as much effort to develop a beautiful bond in a blended family. However, this does not always occur. Read the tale to find out what happened in this household and whether or not you agree with the husband’s decision.

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I (33M) am engaged to Anna (33F), and I have two kids (Rhett and Neil, 8M and 7M) from my first marriage. Anna has a 4yro daughter.

My ex (Sarah, 32F) and I share custody of the boys. We’ve been divorced for almost 5 years now. We live in the same city so it’s pretty easy to have shared custody, and I honestly love coparenting with her.

Sarah recently got a pretty tough diagnosis and we discussed that the boys might be spending more time with me while she is undergoing treatments, and I’ll take them to see her over the weekends or so. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

She is in the hospital and spends some weekends at home, but most at the hospital. So when I take the kids to see her, we usually spend the afternoon together. She is too weak to really take care of the boys now, so I usually make us a meal and then me and my boys go back home. I also take them to the hospital a lot because they want to be with their mom, so this takes up a lot of my time nowadays.

On Friday it was my stepdaughter’s birthday and I told my fiance (on Thursday) that me and the boys will be there for the party (at 4pm), but I’ll take them to see their mom (they asked me to take them) around 1pm, so we won’t be there for lunch. Anna got really mad at me and told me that I don’t have to jump every time my kids want something and that birthday lunches are her tradition (they are in her family) and I am neglecting her kid and don’t even love her (the daughter).

I told her that’s a really unfair thing to say and that my kids will always come first to me, so right now when they need their mom so much, I’ll take them there anytime.

Then she said that I still love Sarah. I told her that she is the mother of my children and that yes, she will always be important to me.

Anna is pissed at me now and some of my friends said I made the wrong call.

Did I Say Anything Wrong ?

ETA: Sarah may die as her chemo isn’t working as we had hoped. So this is my boys’ chance to be with her, and they may not get these chances again.

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