Man Tells His GF’s Daughter “You Are Not My Daughter So Don’t Expect Me To Pay”.

Building a relationship with stepfather or stepmother or even step siblings takes time and loads of effort. However, one must try to create a positive relationship. Here in this story a step father tried his best to build a good relationship with his step daughter. Read the story to know what happened and let us know if you agree with the father’s reaction.

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Me and Diomara (12F) have had a rough summer. She’s been more defiant than usual. I’ve been dating her Mom Mara (30F) for 2 years now. 9 months ago, they moved in with me, Maple (33M). Both Dio and Mara have an on again/off again relationship with Dio’s Dad (Dynasis). He’s pretty much never paid child support, comes and goes as he pleases into Dio’s life. Typical shitty-a** part time Dad. I’ve tried to fill the Dad role in her life, while still understanding boundaries, taking things slow, etc.

This summer Dynasis decides he wants to be a real Dad and takes Dio in for a month. Good for him, not my business, and Mara agrees. When Dio came back home because school started she was a lot different. Really mean to me, very dismissive. A few days ago she got caught shoplifting at the mall. Security took her in, then called Mara, who didn’t answer, then called Dynasis, who didn’t answer, and finally me. I answered. They told me I had to pick her up or she’ll be handed over to a juvenile.

I didn’t say anything to her while I picked her up. I apologized to security, apologized to the store. I even tipped the security guards plus the store employees because it’s f***ed up they had to deal with that. I assured them Dio would be punished appropriately.

I’m speaking to her in a strong, affirmative, voice while we’re in the car. NOT yelling, but in a fatherly tone, I suppose. I’m telling her how f***ed up it is to steal, and how I dont f**k with thieves, and how I absolutely don’t voluntarily f**k with any kind of police so I don’t appreciate any of this nor will I accept it in my house. She snaps back that I’m not her Dad so don’t ever tell her what to do. From now on, if I wanna tell her something I need to clear it with her real father first.

That killed my soul. For the past year or so, I’ve treated her as my own daughter. I’ve paid for their housing, I’ve paid for her mom’s car, her schooling, her food, everything. Her bio Dad dropped $100 check off one time in the past year. The f**kin check bounced so I had to call him up and he brought cash over. I told Mara about all of this. She was appalled at what Dio said, but she never made Dio apologize because “she’s not wrong, you’re not her Dad.”

A couple of days later Dio asks me for some money to pay for her uniform/accessories she needs for a sport she’s involved in. I say go ask your Dad. She scoffs and says her Dad doesn’t have the money for it, so I have to pay for it. I tell her…I’m not her Dad so don’t ever tell me what I have to pay for. She cried to Mara, who told me I’m not being an adult about the situation. Mind you, I never received an apology or a thanks for our entire previous situation. Mara says Dio is a kid and I need to stop acting like a kid too. I need some advice on if I’m wrong? 

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