Man Tied Child To Tree And Raped Her For 5 Hrs, Prosecution Decries ‘Inadequate’ Sentence.

When 49-year-old Brett David Hill saw an 11-year-old girl walking to her school in Newcastle, he thought she wouldn’t be able to fight back. The Australian father-of-two then forced the girl into his car and drove her to three different sites in New South Wales to rape her over the period of five hours.

Hill initially drove the youngster to a secluded location, stripped her nude, tied her to a tree, then raped and tormented his victim. The court heard how Hill mentally abused the youngster, who kept repeating the phrase “unicorn,” which she stated was what she imagined while she was tormented.

Hill relocated the child many times to evade capture before abandoning her at a nearby train station with a plastic bag over her head. Later, he pled guilty to 9 crimes, including 7 counts of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated detention for benefit, and a single count of having child pornography made during the sexual abuse.

Hill admitted to every detail, exhibiting no regret for the horrible actions he committed on the helpless little child. He even justified his misdeeds on being high on synthetic cannabis and getting drunk the night before.

Hill’s victim courageously testified in court against her perpetrator after becoming 13 years old. Along with her clear recounting of the assault, the child indicated that she had suffered psychologically and had even considered suicide.

Despite his young victim attesting to the horrible actions he committed and his clear remorselessness, Hill was sentenced to life in prison, which many consider to be an extremely light penalty. The child rapist was sentenced to 17 years in jail, which is less than other sentences for possession of child pornography alone.

The prosecution contested the term, claiming it “clearly unfair” and “manifestly insufficient” since it was so far below the range of punishments that may justly be given. Hill’s defense team termed the sentence manifestly disproportionate in a humorous reply, saying that he should have received less time for his offenses.

Despite the prosecution’s objection, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed the appeal, stating that the sentence was appropriate. Yet, the prosecution may not require a higher sentencing because Hill was attacked multiple times in jail just a few months after starting his sentence.

Hill’s victim must suffer for the rest of her life, while her abuser hopes to be released from jail when he is just 64 years old. Even more troubling is the chance that he will try to overturn his sentence.

Hill has already been subjected to jail punishment. Sadly, the convicts doling out this punishment seem to recognize what Hill deserves better than the court system.

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