Man Travels 8 Hours To His Mom’s, Walks Out On Her After She Shows Favoritism To Her ‘Adoptive’ Neighbor.

Children are God’s gifts. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, one must be content. This mother, on the other hand, wishes for a girl kid. However, her treatment of her neighbor’s daughter has irritated the son. After reading the article, how would you handle such a situation? Do you believe the son acted correctly?

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Some backstory: my mom has always wanted a daughter. Instead she ended up with 2 sons and 6 grandsons.

16 years ago, a young woman with a 2 year old daughter (let’s call the daughter Lily) moved across the street from her. She was a single mom and didn’t have any family in the area so my mom offered to help take care of the little girl while her mom worked/studied.

Over the years, she’s become an adoptive mom/grandmother to this woman and her daughter. She was there when the woman married her husband and had 2 more girls together. She’s very close to the whole family but especially Lily.

My mom was born and raised in Italy. My dad was French. My brother and I don’t speak any French or Italian. Lily is not only fluent in French and Italian but she knows more about the culture than me or my brother and she knows all of my mom’s recipes. My mom also helped pay for her private school tuition because she doesn’t like the public schools in the area. Lily, my son, and my nephew graduated from high school in may. My son and my nephew each got a card and a check for $300. My mom took Lily to Europe for 8 weeks over the summer.

I got to my mom’s house with my son’s last night. We planned on staying for a few days because we live 8 hours away. I was parked in the driveway, then right before dinner my mom told me I needed to move my car so Lily could park in her driveway.

I said Lily could park on the street but my mom said no, the driveway is Lily’s spot and I have to move so I told my sons to get our bags and we went home.

My mom has been calling me since last night asking me to come back and saying I overreacted to being asked to move my car. I refused and my sons and I are celebrating without her but I’m starting to wonder if I was the a**hole for leaving when my mom told me to move my car.

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