Man Vacuuming His House While His Wife Was Away At Work Suddenly Noticed Something On The Mirror.

Story by Roger Dean Kiser (Author)

“I’m too sexy for my shirt”, bellowed out the words to the song from the stereo, as I pranced around the living-room vacuuming the floor before the wife got home from work this evening.

“Too sexy for my” this and “too sexy for my” that went the tune as I sang along, continuing to vacuum-dance my way into the bedroom.

Just as the music was about to end I looked up into the dressing room mirror, looked at my 55 year old bald-headed self in the large reflection. “Darn, that’s a big old belly you got there boy.” I thought to myself, as I stood there staring in amazement. “TOOOOOO SEXXXXXY” went the song as the tone abruptly ended.

I was a bit saddened by what I was seeing in the mirror. A little bit disappointed by the way that I have let my body go downhill the last few years. I reached over and put my shirt on and continued to vacuum the floor at a little slower pace than before.

“I don’t think that I have ever been a very sexy fellow” I silently said to myself. “But I do know that during my lifetime I have always been blessed to know women who thought that I was sexy because I was always respectful, kind and courteous.”

I reached over and turned off the vacuum, took off my shirt and walked back over to the stereo. I turned up the volume several notches and started the song once again.

“I’M TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT” screamed the words to the song as my tired wife walked in the door from work. “Give me a kiss Mr. Sexy” said my wife, as she rolled her eyes into the back of her head. I kissed her and she smiled.

We ate supper and then we went right to sleep because we were really tired. I guess you never lose being sexy when you got what it really takes.

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