Man Visits His Wife’s Grave Then Decides To Fall In Love Again.

Grief exists in a variety of shapes and forms. Everyone’s mourning path looks different. The death of a wife is one of the most agonizing challenges someone can go through. And the concept of “moving on” after such a loss? Moving on is not easy but can be possible for the betterment of oneself to live a positive attitude. Read this beautiful story of a single father to know what he went through after his wife’s death.

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Few months after the birth of our son, my wife died in an accident. It was the most painful and hardest thing I had to live. I am still mourning her, and never stopped loving her. I’ve been raising our child as a single dad, with lots of help from my family and her family.

He is an amazing kid, full of joy and happiness. In kindergarten he met another kid, Andy, and became best friends since then. They do almost everything together, classes, homework, sports, everything, and as a result I’ve been spending a lot of time with the kid’s mom, Alex. She is a great woman, cute, smart, funny and very kind. She treats her son like a treasure and is always very sweet with my boy, sometimes she has mentioned that they look more like brothers than best friends.

Anyways, I’ve been her friend since our sons met. Our kids are now 7 y/o, and she has become my best friend. Or at least that’s what I thought. Some time ago, while we were at her house, and our kids were playing video games, we were watching tiktok on her phone (we use to do that). In some moment she leaned her head on me, and after a little we were staring at each other until we kissed. That kiss was one of the best moments I had in years, it felt so good, so kind and soft. I enjoyed it. But some hours after I felt guilty, like if I was betraying my wife’s memory, like if I was cheating on her.

It took me some days to think about it, even asked for advice, and one of the things that people said to me, is that my wife would want me to be happy, to live, to love again.

I made a decision, and after asking my parents to spend the day with my son (a thing that both of them and my kid love to do), I got in the car, bought some flowers, a soda, and drove to visit my wife’s grave.

After cleaning up a little, I sat next to her, opened the soda (she used to love it so much) and started to talk to her.

I told her about our kid, how an awesome boy he is, how much we all love him and he is growing healthy and happy, I told her about our families, my job, my life, and finally, I told her about what happened with Alex. I started to feel tears on my eyes while I said her that I still love her and that I will always love her, and that I know that she would like me to live and let myself to be happy and love again, because that’s what I would want for her, if I was the one who died. I opened myself to her, and let go of everything. After I finished, I just stayed there, closed my eyes, and felt the quiet and peace of that place. I felt a soft breeze, and despite knowing it wasn’t, I want to believe that it was her, giving me her blessing, making me know that it’s ok.

Some days after that, now in my house, while the kids were watching tv, Alex and I were watching tiktok again, and this time, I was the one who kissed her. We are still talking about what we are going to do, we definitely want to try it, but we are going to do it slowly. Our first date will be this weekend.

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