Man Wants A Personal Invitation To Christmas At In-Laws, Gets Himself And His Wife Uninvited And Tries To Put The Blame On Her.

The holiday season may be full of brightness, beauty, and warmth, and it should be spent with those you care about. However, getting into a large disagreement with your family and friends is one of the worst things that could occur during this time. It occurs all the time, sadly. A family feud might be sparked by something as innocuous as a Christmas party invitation like in this story. Read the story below and share your thoughts on this.

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I’ll preface this by saying that my husband (Luke) M32 does not get along with my parents. You can’t tell who’s right or who’s wrong, there’s always this ongoing tension between them but can be civil enough to sit together at one table.

I recently got an invitation for a Christmas celebration from my parents. The invitation included me and Luke but Luke thought this was somewhat rude and disrespectful because he believes he should get his own invitation and not have his name mentioned as an “extension” to mine. We talked and he said he wouldn’t go unless they sent him a proper invitation. I called mom and asked if she could do it. She thought it was ridiculous and said that she and dad did the same with my sister and her husband.

I told her it was fine but Luke can be sensitive like that and so a simple invitation in the form of a text directly to him will fix it. She got defensive and said that Luke is being ridiculous. Dad claimed that Luke is trying to pull some power move to humiliate them but I thought this was a small issue. They still thought it was ridiculous so I told them I won’t attend if they don’t send him a separate invitation because he won’t attend if he doesn’t get it. This blew up and my sister started arguing saying Luke needs to get over himself and shamed me for trying to “force” our parents to send him an invitation by saying I won’t come if they don’t.

We haven’t talked after that and we’re waiting as of now. I need some advice on if I’m wrong?

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