Man Was In A Relationship Just To Be For His Step-Daughter.

Being a step father to someone’s daughter is not easy but it’s beautiful if you love the child like your own. The bond of this step dad and step daughter proves that to have a wonderful bond there should be trust, love, kindness, character and responsibility. (Thanks Wyatt for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

I was married to a woman that had a child from a previous relationship. When we met, the girl was 6, and I had zero experiences with children, so it was an uphill battle at first. Slowly but surely she entered my heart and made me experience a type of love I could never imagine possible. I can safely say that I spent 5 years in a toxic relationship because of her, the love and sense of duty I felt towards that little girl.

But at some point the toxic relationship started to take a toll on her too, and she started acting out by rejecting me with all her strength. She was 11 at that point, and my marriage was at the verge of collapsing. I was living in the US and needed to return to my country right when the pandemic hit.

I did, I got a divorce, and I said goodbye to my stepdaughter knowing full well that I may never see her again, since I had no rights over her whatsoever. This was the hardest decision in my life, and I have never felt so much pain as when her mom put her on the line and told me to tell her I was out of her life. I could barely put together a full sentence… I just asked for her forgiveness.

Over time, with wounds healing, we got back in touch. She FaceTime’s me sometimes, tells me what’s up, who’s her new crush, how’s school and all that. And today, almost two years after I left, she texts me asking: “what’s your favorite song ever?”

That’s a tough question, I tell her. I think a little and say a John Lennon song.

It takes a few hours, but she tells me what’s hers: “Roselyn, by Bon Iver”.

Bon Iver was something I listened to SO MUCH all through those 5 years. I can’t express what I felt, I guess the closest I can say is that she felt my love for her, and those years will live on. I teared up and told her I was so happy, and I wish I could hug her. I’d embarrass myself for sure, I’d cry like a baby. But today I felt more sure that this day might come, that we will be able to hug, and talk, and be a part of each other’s lives once more.

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