Man Was Ready To Sell His Car For Less To Save His Dog’s Life.

How far would you go to keep your dog alive? And certainly with some, that would be the same as asking how far would you go to keep your best friend alive?

In Indianapolis, Randy Etter was facing just that. He took his dog, Gemini, to a veterinarian and was told that if the dog did not get surgery that day… he would die. Gemini had a severe intestinal blockage, and it would take a very intricate operation to fix that. But Randy could not afford that surgery, and he had even just lost his job because he was taking Gemini from one veterinarian to another to try to get him some help.

One day…. He was quickly running out of time. So he put his car up for an emergency sale, selling it for at least a thousand dollars under its worth just so he could save his best friend.

$3000.. I need to fix whats goin on with my dog I know he's dying… n I don't care if it takes every dime of what I get…

Posted by Randy Etter on Friday, 12 April 2019

A friend was able to give him $2,000, but that wasn’t even enough. And then, a group called Street Outreach Animal Response found out about Randy’s situation, and steered him to an animal doctor in a nearby town. It also helped him quickly secure nearly $3,000 for Gemini’s surgery.

Members of the group posted about Randy and Gemini on Facebook and thousands of dollars came in from strangers who were touched by the story. And Gemini got his operation, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Says Randy: “I never really thought that I would be one of those people to catch a miracle.”

But he did. And he’s extremely grateful to all those who helped save his best friend. 

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