Man Who Plowed Snow For His Family And Friends For FREE Started Charging Them For A Heartbreaking Cause.

What are the depths that you would go to, if someone you knew, someone you loved needed medical care, but just didn’t have the means to pay the hospital bills, and here are 10 unbelievable things people did to pay mounting medical bills.

1. Mike Moore of Missouri has always plowed snow for his friends and family for free, but this winter he’s doing it for a cause that’s close to his heart.

His 29-year-old friend, Nick Crewse, had a stroke in December that was caused by a blood clot in his heart. Crewse wound up in the hospital and was left with a hefty stack of medical bills. To help his friend raise the money, Moore has been plowing people’s driveways in return for a donation to pay for Crewse’s medical bills

“It’s just helping someone out in a time of need, and paying it forward a little,” Moore said.

2. This is what Jessica Pittman wrote on Facebook, ‘Last year he was there selling as well but he had his sweet little wife Helen with him. ‘He was selling to help pay for his wife’s doctor visits and bills.

This year he is alone. ‘He said his wife Helen lost her battle to cancer a few weeks ago and he is still selling to cover pay for her doctor bills.

‘My heart breaks every time I pass him. He waves at every single car that passes.

Kenneth Smith of Gulfport, Mississippi and his wife Helen sold kindling firewood on the side of the road for $5 a bag to help pay for her cancer treatment. Sadly she didn’t win the struggle. Social security payments for his wife have stopped coming in, but the cancer treatment bills haven’t.

Supporters of this hardworking 80-year-old man who spent his life’s savings to pay for his late wife’s cancer treatment have raised $50,000 to help him.

3. Walter Quintana of Arizona is a 53 year old grandfather who adores his grandkids. In January when he found out that Jacob, his 10 year old grandson had a brain tumor, it was just devastating. Since then, Quintana has painfully watched his grandson undergo many changes. He recalls when he first saw Jacob after he lost his hair to chemo.

“It was so hard, when I’d first seen him. He was bald. He had no eyebrows,” said Quintana, who works as a clerk at Safeway Food and Drug

The chemotherapy shrank Jacob’s tumor from the size of a golf ball to the size of a pinkie nail. His hair is growing back, and he’s now undergoing radiation to get rid of the rest of the cancer.

Since Walter heard of the news, he’s spent months organizing a fundraiser and is single handedly passing out hundreds of fliers on foot.

4. In Salt Lake City, A Utah police officer was working weekends and doing overtime to pay for his cancer treatment. On Sunday morning a fugitive, Cory Lee Henderson, went missing from a drug rehab center for parolees and got involved in a car crash where Unified Officer Douglas Scott Barney was at the scene and came face to face with the fugitive.

Henderson shot Officer Barney in the head. The fatal police shooting is among the first on-duty officer deaths in the country for 2016 and the first ever for the Unified Police Department since it formed in 2010 to serve communities in the Salt Lake City area.

Barney, a married father of three teenagers, had volunteered to work overtime Sunday to help pay for his medical treatments after surviving bladder cancer.

5. Desperate times calls for desperate measures – this 40 year old man in San Diego, California has been nicknamed the “dying son bandit”.

This father of a dying son has been apologetic during the hold-ups and explains to the tellers his situation that he needs money to pay for his son’s care.

In all the robbery cases, the man handed a note to the bank clerk, telling them he was sorry but he needed the money for his son who was dying of cancer.

6. Christopher L King, a video games journalist from Danielsville in Pennsylvania, is battling terminal cancer and shared details of his struggle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma via social media

‘I have ruined my family financially because of all the different treatment methods and medications I tried in order to beat this. ‘So in light of that, I’m done with it. No more treatments and no more medication. I’m simply going to let this take me. I apologize to those of you that I promised I would beat this…

he goes on to say.. ‘My medical bills have absolutely crushed my family and we were never very well off to begin with but this sealed it. ‘I don’t want to ask for money and honestly never really knew how until the folks over at PC master race helped me out during one of my game give aways.

The 27 year-old, who has two children, Destiny and Austin, has now become the focus of global attention after highlighting the human impact of US healthcare.

Christopher revealed on social media that he’s selling all his video games and his personal items to help his family avoid financial difficulty after his death.

7. A Chinese couple who can’t afford live-saving medical treatment for their sick daughter are trying to sell their son on the street to raise money for her chemotherapy.

Meng Xiangyan, 29, said that with certain death awaiting their daughter unless she receives medical treatment, she and her husband were prepared to sell their daughter’s twin brother to a good home so that they both would have a chance of life.

Pictures show her standing on Weihai Road in Qingdao, in China’s eastern Shandong province, with a placard offering to sell him to the highest bidder.

‘Up until a year ago we had a wonderful family and we thought we had everything we could need with a wonderful little boy and a wonderful little girl who are twins. ‘But all that changed when my daughter was diagnosed as suffering from leukemia in August of last year and we spent all of our savings and borrowed everything we could from friends and relatives. ‘It still wasn’t enough, and now we are hoping to raise cash from the sale of our son.’

8. He was stranded in the Dominican Republic when his health insurance refused to cover the cost of his treatment because he failed to disclose a pre-existing condition.

Allan Cox, aged 45, was left stranded in the Dominican Republic after racking up a £67,000 hospital bill after having his pancreas removed on holiday. Island officials seized Allan’s passport and told him he could not leave until the medical bill was paid.

So mum Ceinwen Cox sold her two-bedroom terrace in Port Talbot for £37,000 – about half its market value – to get a quick sale. Despite making herself homeless, Ceinwen, 65, said: “It is worth it to have him home. “I had no choice but to sell my family home to pay Allan’s medical bills. “But getting my son home was all that mattered. He was virtually being held hostage in the Dominican until the bill was paid.”

9. A Chinese teenager who killed himself so his parents could afford to save his elder brother’s life has been granted his dying wish… after doctors announced the surviving sibling is on the road to recovery.

Brothers Honghui, 20, and Hongtao, 18, were both struck down with Uremia, a symptom of kidney failure. Unable to afford the mounting medical bills, their parents, Chuanyou and wife Zheng Tingxia, sold almost everything they owned in search of two matching kidneys to save their son’s lives.

The parents even begged on the streets to raise money. Then, as time was beginning to run out, Hongtao locked himself in his room and drank pesticide, dying an agonising death.

In a heart-rending gesture of brotherly love, his body was found by a note, which included the words: ‘Brother, when you are cured, please tell me and it will be enough for me.’

The story has made headlines in China, after which donations started coming in from all across and a transplant was found for the surviving brother.

10. Some of us would move mountains to help our parents stay healthy and happy. A Chinese teen made headlines when she was literally selling herself to raise money for her mother’s medical treatment.

Cao Mengyuan said her mother, Wu Zhaofang, 45, who had been a farmer all her life had been diagnosed with skin cancer She said the treatment cost is about 350,000 Yuan, however her mother did not have medical insurance and her family would not be able to afford the cost.

Cao is the eldest of five children and looks after her elderly father and her siblings on a mere 1,000 yuan a month salary. In order to raise money for her mothers treatment, she advertised herself on WeChat titled “(I am) selling myself.” “I wish that a kind-hearted person could buy me, so my mother can undergo the operation.’

“After the transaction, I am willing to work at the will of the buyer in return. I will do whatever the buyer asked me to do. I never go back on my word.’ “Everything I said is true. I will sell myself to the highest bidder,”.

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