Man Who Started As A Cleaner Becomes A General Manager.

Virgin Active is a health club at Bel Air and Jeofrey Malivhusha signed on there as a cleaner. As a matter of fact, it was the very first job he ever had. And he looked forward to coming in to work everyday, because it was fun.

Sometime later, when he was appointed receptionist at the club, he realized he could probably manage the whole club, even though that was something of a pipe dream. Promotions there were really hard to come by, and many times he would apply for a higher spot…. only to get shot down.

But Jeofrey was always willing to take on additional tasks and responsibilities – something a lot of others would just wave off. Jeofrey, though, enjoyed the challenges. When he as a cleaner, he learned to fix things, and he was moved into maintenance. And slowly but surely, he learned how to do other things, and wound up in administration. And from there, he learned all he could about operations management. It wasn’t easy, but Jeofrey stayed determined. And then, he wanted to become general manager. He had a lot of ideas on how to run things, but many of those were deemed “risky,” so he didn’t get the job.

However, as you already know, Jeofrey’s just not the type to give up. He applied for the job again… and again. He ended up applying for the job as general manager 9 different times. And, finally, Jeofrey actually became the new general manager.

One year after he took the job and implemented some of his “risky” ideas, the Bel Air club became the top-performing club in the region. One of the secrets to his continued success as a leader? ALWAYS value and respect the views of your staff. With that, there should be more Jeofreys in the world. 

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