Man With NO MONEY Pleads For HELP For His Dog Outside The Mall.

Never judge a book by its cover. I think we’ve all heard that one before. And it’s true. You can never tell a person solely by their outward appearance, and here’s a story where that couldn’t be more true.

In Huntsville, Texas, a homeless man named Patrick loved his dog, Franklin. That dog would go anywhere with him. Patrick even took better care of Franklin than he did himself. He would make sure he was fed, even if that meant Patrick would go hungry.

Then one day, Patrick, quite a scraggly-looking guy, was standing at the Walmart in Huntsville. He was holding a cardboard sign. And when Wilma Price walked out of the store, it caught her eye. It certainly was not what she expected.

The sign said: Dog in pound. Need help.

Well Wilma was a dog-lover herself, and really wanted to help the homeless man. But she had only $8. Wilma asked Patrick what had happened. He told her that he had been caught trespassing and spent two nights in jail. And his faithful companion, Franklin, had been taken away from him. It would now cost $120 to get him out of the dog pound.

Patrick was very scared that Franklin would wind up with a new family, or worse… be put down. So Wilma quickly contacted a friend, and, together, they came up with enough money to get Franklin out of the pound. On the way there, they made a quick stop for supplies for the dog. And soon, Patrick had his old friend back.

Wilma was so inspired by Patrick’s love for his dog that she set up a GoFundMe account for Patrick to help him out as much as possible, and she stresses: Never judge a book by its cover; one day it may be YOU who needs some help. 

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