Man Wrestles Suspected Burglar Outside His Neighbour’s Apartment.

If you spotted someone breaking into your neighbor’s home…. QUICK!!! Whaddya do?? Ok, you guys… put the guns down… no need for that. But the normal answer to this would be call the cops. I would.

But when one man could hear that someone breaking into his neighbor’s apartment in Walnut Creek, California, he took matters into his own hands… literally.

Ahmad Jodeh ran to the apartment and tackled the suspected burglar, wrestling with him until police arrived. Ahmad said he never had a second thought when he heard the break-in noises. And he would do it again, even though the suspected burglar stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver.

What actually makes it more amazing that Ahmad sprang into action like he did, is that he was recovering at the time from a skydiving accident that left him with a shattered pelvis and leg.

51-year-old James Murdaugh was arrested for the break-in. 51 years old… ha…. this guy should know better than that. 

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