Manager’s Reaction When The Old Woman Broke The Entire Crockery At The Store.

Joan was at the grocery store quietly doing her shopping when all of a sudden she heard a loud crash in the next aisle over. When she got over to that aisle, she could see a lot of people gathering around. They were watching as an older woman was kneeling on the floor picking up broken dishes, which had fallen from a shelf after her cart hit it.

Her hand was bleeding caused by one of the broken dishes, and she kept picking them up all by herself. She was obviously embarrassed by the whole situation, and Joan noticed quickly that no one was even offering to help her. So Joan knelt down beside the woman and started picking up the broken pieces with her.

The older woman’s husband was peeling off bar codes, saying “Now we’ll have to pay for all of them.”

A few minutes later, the manager came over, knelt down beside the women and told them to leave it, and advised the woman she should be getting to the hospital to have her hand looked at. He helped her to her feet and she said she would have to pay for the broken dishes first. But the manager assured her that she owed nothing; that the store’s insurance would cover it.

Joan posted this story to Facebook, likening it to what God does for people. She wrote: “Collect the pieces of your broken heart from all the blows life has thrown at you. God will heal all your wounds, and I assure you that your sins and mistakes will be forgiven.”

Now, if you’re a religious person, that should bring you a great deal of comfort. And if you’re not…. well, just be careful around dishes.

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