Man’s Decision After Finding $10,000 On The Playground Bench.

In Singapore, Sean Lee was chasing his 6-year-old son around on the playground when he decided to take a break. So he strolled over to a bench and started to sit down when he noticed a black pouch. He looked around to see if anyone was coming back for it.

When no one came, he opened up the pouch and found more than $10,000 in cash inside it. He was shocked, to say the least. And he even teetered with the idea of keeping it, but he knew that was just not the right thing to do, so he decided to wait there to see if anyone returned to claim it. And he waited. And waited.

Finally, after three hours, Cui Hua Bi returned, looking for his money-filled pouch, and Sean gladly gave it to him. Cui was thrilled by Sean’s tremendous honesty, and explained to him that he had been saving up the money over the last five months to send back home.

Not only was Cui happy that Sean was so honest, Sean’s own family could not have been prouder of him, with his son saying he wanted to grow up just like his dad.

Now to me, that itself is worth a lot more than $10,000. 

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