Man’s Decision After Getting A Random Tinder Date Pregnant.

Source: Reddit

I slept with her twice. The condom broke the second time. She’s 6 weeks along and doesn’t believe in abortion, which is her choice and her right. I talked with her about it and it’s just not an option. I’m getting a paternity test. She’s 7 years younger than me. Oddly enough I’m not freaking out that much. It’s not ideal but I’m gonna make the best of it.

I’d rather support this stranger through the pregnancy and find out it’s not mine rather than let her go through a miserable lonely pregnancy just to find out it is mine.

I’m picking up overtime and putting money away. I’m taking things slow but I at least want to see if there is any real compatibility between us, who knows maybe we’d even wind up making a good couple and be able to give the little nugget a two parent household.

Miraculously I just got offered a better job with decent benefits which is better than what I have now (decent job without benefits). I’m excited, I’m scared, this isn’t how I imagined bringing a child into this world but no matter what I’ll be here, ready and waiting. Wish me luck, send diapers. Good day to you all. 

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