Man’s Genius Way To Help His Girlfriend Suffering From Anxiety.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be rough. Just ask anyone who has had one. It can be the difference between happy and helpless. And that helpless feeling can be overwhelming.

Denisha has been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since she was a teenager, and her boyfriend, Riley, understood how disabling it was for her. And it was getting increasingly rough on her as their anniversary approached.

So Riley decided to do something – something very creative – that he hoped would help her. And he wanted to make sure that she knew she was loved. He got an old pill bottle and taped a new prescription over it in handwriting. He’s not a doctor but this, he hoped, would help her. He got some empty geletin capsules from Walmart. And for each one… about 60 of them… he wrote out special love notes and put them inside the capsules.

They were very short messages, but he hoped that whenever those anxiety or panic attacks hit, that she would take a capsule, open it and read the message… a message that confirmed his love for her and would show her how much he truly cared about her.

The instructions as written by Riley on the outside of the pill bottle was to “Take one pill as needed. Maximum 3 daily.” And when she runs out of the “pills,” she can ask for a refill.

One of the pill notes said: “You have the ability to make everyone around you happy.”

Riley explained that people need to be compassionate for those with an affliction like Denisha.

Says Riley: “I forget that a lot too, it’s hard to remember because sometimes it’s hidden, you don’t notice – somebody can be smiling but they’re really not feeling good inside. It’s important to just remember that and be compassionate.”

It just so happens that Riley, too, suffers from those anxiety and panic attacks. Maybe sometime soon a certain person will provide HIM with a special prescription.

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