Marine Donates Part Of His Liver For A Complete Stranger.

In March of 2014, Heather Krueger was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease. She was 25 and she probably would not see 26 without a new liver. At work one day, Heather’s cousin was overheard on the phone telling someone about Heather’s serious condition.

Chris Dempsey, a former Marine, happened to overhear that conversation, and he volunteered to see if he was a match. He was. In the weeks leading up to the transplant Heather and Chris started to get to know each other better… doing dinners and going to the movies. Then came the operation, with 55 percent of Chris’ liver being transferred to Heather.

During their two-month recovery, the two fell in love. And after a dinner and a romantic carriage ride, Chris popped the question to Heather…and she said Yes.

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