Mark Wahlberg explains why he doesn’t ‘force’ his faith on his kids

Mark Wahlberg’s approach to instilling his strong Catholic faith in his kids is to live it rather than impose it. The hero of the upcoming film “Father Stu,” about a down-on-his-luck former Golden Gloves boxer who becomes a priest, explained about how he hopes his Catholic faith would rub off on his 4 kids with spouse Rhea Durham.

He joked that his kids think their dad’s wacky and boring. However, even with his faith, he does not impose it on them. They are aware, however, that their dad cannot begin the day without praying, reading his Scripture, or attending Mass.

In his words “And maybe, rather than imposing it on them, they’ll say, ‘Well, if it works for dad, maybe it’ll work for us,’ and they’ll kind of gravitate towards it on their own.”

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