Massive Crowd At Vigil Stunned After Seeing What Was In 10-Yr-Old Guest’s Hand.

18-year-old Brent Price of Memphis, Tennessee, was killed in a car crash.

During a memorial in his honor in his neighborhood, 10-year-old Max wanted to make a contribution to the family, so he went back to his house, and took out the three dollars that was in his piggy bank.

On the way out, he also took some change from his mom’s purse. But Max still didn’t think that was enough. So he again went back home and took out the $20 from the special savings he had that was for a guitar of his own. He did this because he knew Brent’s family needed it more than him.

Max’s kind gesture came back to him 10-fold, as a man who had heard what Max had done bought him that guitar that he wanted.

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