Meet The 100Yr Old Superhero Giving Everything To His Community.

At 101 years old, Harold Hager has certainly lived a full life. And still is. Harold, of Steuben County, New York, served with the U.S. Navy during World World II. Back in 1972, during the big flood, he helped deliver food to those in need. He had married his beautiful wife, Anna, on Aug. 6, 1939. When Anna got sick in 2007, Harold would visit her every single day for long hours until she passed in 2010. She was the best thing in his life, and still is.

But today, even at 101, Harold just can sit around and reminisce about the past. He has to stay going. So he joined RSVP, which pairs senior volunteers with local organizations. And Harold was put with Steuben County’s Habitat for Humanity. He spends hours and hours doing everything from sorting screws to testing light fixtures.

And for the last few years, he has put in more volunteer hours than anyone else in the organization. And RSVP has honored him for his tremendous commitment. His goal now is to make it to 105. But with whatever time he has left, he’ll live every last minute of it trying to help others. 

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