Meet The Couple Who Cares For The Pets Of Deployed Soldiers.

Soldiers are not alone when they are deployed to serve our country. We hold them in our hearts always. And we support them with every ounce of our being, and here are 10 stories of heartwarming things regular people did for deployed soldiers.

1. When a couple was deployed, they were worried about who would care for their dog, JD. Well, they found somewhere for him to stay, but it did make them wonder about others in the same situation. Who would take care of their dogs?

So Alisa and Shawn Johnson formed Dogs On Deployment, which connects the military with civilians who will watch after their pets while they are serving their country.

This is a non-profit, and the biggest reward for Shawn and Alisa is finding temporary homes for military pets.

2. In God’s Garage, you’re sure to find MANY things… but in this particular God’s Garage, in Conroe, Texas, you’ll find kind-hearted volunteers working for free on the cars of men and women whose spouses or partners are deployed overseas.

They also fix up vehicles for those who have lost their military spouses. Former pastor Chris Williams founded the special garage six years ago, and it has accumulated so many cars that they’ve fixed up, that they can now give them freely to the military husbands, wives and partners who need them.

A lotta love, a lotta giving… THAT’s what’s in God’s Garage.

3. In Salina, Kansas, William Cookson had just started painting his house when job orders came in for his deployment to Kuwait with his National Guard unit.

When members of the Salina Chamber of Commerce got word of this, they told officials at the Salina Area Technical College. All of a sudden, 40 students volunteered to finish the paint job on Cookson’s house, with Salina businesses donating paint and equipment for them.

4. 5-year-old Brian and his dad, Dan, used to love working out in their yard together in Bellville, Illinois. But last year, Dan got called up for deployment in the Air Force. The little boy felt all alone.

But it didn’t take long for his neighbor, Dean, to start working outside in the yard with the youngster. Now, along with working in the yard, the two play catch and other games. And Brian even helps Dean with his golf swing.

Dean knows he will never take the place of Brian’s dad, but he also knows that the little guy just needs a big brother figure in his life right now.

5. Alicia Jones ordered a special cake from her Publix store in Clay County, Florida, and was picking it up on her way to the airport to pick up her husband, who was on home leave for 2 weeks from the Navy. She asked that the cake say Welcome Home, and she told the employee about her husband when she ordered the cake.

When she picked it up, the employee behind the counter told Alicia there was no charge, and when Alicia spotted the note on top of the cake, she broke down and cried.

The note read: Please enjoy your time with your family. Thank you so much for your sacrifice.

Alicia said the note and kind gesture meant more to her than anything. And we can certainly understand that.

6. In Killeen, Texas, early one December morning, there was a knock on the door of Clara Urquica’s home. By that afternoon, Clara’s home was fully decorated for Christmas.

Clara’s husband had been deployed to South Korea, and that knock on the door was from someone with Christmas Decor, a group that takes donated decorations and goes around to military homes giving them a holiday look.

Says Fred Huffman, who owns Christmas Decor: It’s just a thank you for their service, for their commitment and sacrifice. It’s very little for us to do really, in comparison to what they provide for us.”

7. What do you do when you have thousands of comic books and don’t need them any more? A really good start would be to give them to our soldiers. And that’s exactly what 9-year-old Carl did.

Carl got in touch with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and the woman on the other end, named Jennifer, was delighted that Carl would want to give his entire collection – 3,500 comic books – to our soldiers, and many of them would be sent to soldiers deployed overseas.

So Carl was invited to bring them to the military post in Trenton. When he and his family arrived with the many boxes of comics, Carl was given a hero’s welcome and given VIP status. Officers there awarded him with three different medals for his kindness.

Says young Carl: “Everybody who was outside applauded for me. I was so surprised I could barely stand!”

It was an incredible day…. for an incredible kid.

8. 22-year-old Sarah Hoidahl is a single mom who works at a Ruby Tuesday’s in New Hampshire. One day, two female soldiers stopped by for lunch, and they were discussing how they had been furloughed with the government shutdown.

So Sarah decided to pay the $28 for the soldiers’ meals, with a note that read: “Thanks to the government shutdown the people like you that protect this country aren’t getting paid. However, I still am. Lunch is on me! Thank you for serving ladies!”

It was a beautiful, unselfish, kind-hearted gesture from someone who could certainly use that money herself to pay her own bills and feed her children. That day she would only end up taking home $8 because of it, but she didn’t mind. Those soldiers, however, were not about to forget her beautiful deed, so they made a post about it.

When Ellen DeGeneres found out about it, she invited Sarah to her show… and presented Sarah with a $10,000 check. Well, Sarah was shocked, to say the least. But Ellen wasn’t quite done.

A few days later, Ellen, during her show, called Sarah at work and gave her a new car. Sarah was reduced to tears.

9. Dustin Green was stationed in the hot zone in Iraq with his unit. But every day, he would spend a little time communicating with his wife, Kelly, on Facebook. One day, he mentioned that he was out of coffee, and Kelly later told her aunt about it.

Her aunt works in the District Attorney’s office in Cobb County, Georgia. And in a very short time, as word about Dustin’s lack of coffee spread throughout the office, 40 care packages were put together for Dustin and his unit. The packages contained chips, cookies, flip-flops, and nerf footballs, among other things… including a generous amount… of coffee.

When the packages arrived, it lifted all the soldier’s morale, and gave them good cause to reflect on exactly why they were doing what they were doing.

10. When Davenport, Iowa was preparing to send a bunch of soldiers overseas, Michael Novitske’s family and several close members from his church got together and decided to do something very special for the National Guardsman to show their complete support for him…

They all got matching tattoos on different parts of their bodies that said IGY6…. which means I Got Your 6, which IN MILITARY terms means, I Got Your Back.

Michael was overwhelmed by this, but he knew… with this… all of them would keep him close to their hearts until he was safely back home again.

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