Meet The Couple Who Decided To Adopt The Blind Kitten.

Lots of people love cats. Jen and Ian are two of those people. The couple has fostered numerous cats over the past several years, and they also have three cats of their own, which were actually failed foster cats.

Last year, Jen and Ian went to their local shelter because they wanted to foster another cat. They were looking for an adult cat to foster, but then they came across a little kitten they just couldn’t pass by. The kitten was blind.

Says Jen: “I saw this tiny little kitten who had just has his eyes removed, so he had stitches on his eyes and he was wearing a cone, sitting in his cage, all by himself trying to eat out of a food bowl.”

The veterinarian had told Jen that the kitten was born with some genetic issues, and his eyes did not form properly, so he removed them. Fortunately, that kitten fully adjusted to things with no adverse effects. He didn’t consider himself any different than any other cat.

Jen and Ian realized they could not just leave him there; that they just had to foster the kitten, so they did, and they named him Bop. Bop quickly settled into his new home and learned how to get through the house without too much of a problem. But they were concerned about something else. The other cats in their house didn’t really know how to react to the blind kitten; they couldn’t understand why he was a little different.

Then the couple recalled that Bop actually had a brother at the shelter. So they went and took him in as well. And they named him Boop. And Boop quickly proved to bridge the gap between Bop and the other cats. Boop and the other cats got along real well, and because Boop catered to Bop, well the other cats soon became friendly with Bop as well.

After a few months, Jen and Ian realized they had to try to have the cats adopted. But about as soon as they realized that, they also realized they didn’t want to give them up. So they officially adopted Bop and Boop.

And for being blind, the couple is constantly amazed by Bop. He rarely runs into anything and he loves his cat toys and going through cat devices, like tunnels.

And Jen and Ian couldn’t be any happier with their cat kids. 

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