Meet The Genius Single Mother Who Made Millions Inspired By Her Own Problems.

Some years back, Paola Diana was struggling with life in Italy, and a lot of that struggle was trying to find childcare for her two children.

So 12 years ago, Paola founded the household staff agency Nanny and Butler, and it has really taken off since then. That business is now worth about 5 million pounds.

Paola now lives in London and runs a couple of other companies as well. Her advice to working moms is: Never feel guilty about getting help with your children.

Paola divorced her husband when her children were just 2 and 4. She started her nanny business at her home, but soon after, she had to hire consultants to help her. And hiring a nanny for her own children enabled her to make the company what it is today.

Says Paola: “Thank god I had the help at home. Without the nanny I couldn’t have done that. It was a lot of work, I used to work at home and also during the night.”

She also said that the children benefit greatly from it because they learn to behave around another person and they tend NOT to become spoiled.

Added the businesswoman: “It’s not the quantity of time that you spend with your children that makes a difference, I think the real difference is the quality of time, and also who you are. It’s good for them see you achieve success.” 

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