Meet The Hairstylist Who Gives Free HairCuts To The Homeless.

Ahh weekends, life is all about spending weekends at home, with family, relaxing, watching some TV, eating, just lie down and relax. Well that is what most of us do after a long and tiring week at our jobs. But not everyone! There are people who go out and do some really meaningful things that make a difference in someone’s lives, and here are 5 people who spend their weekends in the best possible way.

1. This is the inspiring story about a man who truly believes in making a difference in peoples lives, the best way he knows how: by offering free haircuts to homeless people on the streets of New York City.

Mark Bustos, a barber from New York Every Sunday, his only day off, he walks the streets giving away free haircuts.

He says to each client: “I’d like to do something nice for you today.”

When Mark uploaded some pictures of his homeless clients to Instagram, he had no idea they would go viral, but the word is starting to spread about his good deeds.

As he posted himself: “Every human life is worth the same. We all deserve a second chance.”

2. Dr. Andrew Moore from Lexington, Kentucky founded “Surgery on Sunday” a non profit organization where doctors and nurses volunteer their services for free on 3rd Sunday of every month.

Surgery on Sunday” is for millions of American who don’t qualify for federal health care programs and can’t afford to buy insurance. Moore looks forward to the 3rd Sunday of the month as it gives him immense satisfaction to treat those patients for whom he is the only hope.

A bear hug from one of the family members goes a lot farther than earning another dollar in your pocket by providing these services.

3. Amerpreet Singh Khalsa, a 39yr old Sikh of Adamsdown, Cardiff feeds the city’s homeless every Saturday. He and his family cooks vegetarian meals which includes chick peas, cauliflower curry, pasta-based dishes, naan breads and onion bhajis.

It’s a legacy which he learnt from his grandfather offering free food to anyone who needs it. He derives satisfaction from the gratitude of those who he helps and doesn’t wanna miss a single day as that might lead to someone missing their food.

He is often helped by members of Cardiff University’s Sikh Society, and, he doesn’t take money from well wishers but he does accept food donations so he can continue to provide the meals.

He says “It’s not quick, it takes a bit of time, but we know it’s going to a good cause”

4. Sucide is a huge problem in China. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge constructed in 1968 sits 100 yards above the river and is the world’s most popular place to commit suicide.

Chen Si has been patrolling the bridge every Saturday and sunday for over 13yrs now on his motorbike and has saved 321 people from committing suicide.

After saving the people he takes them out to eat and talks to them. He tries to solve their problems to the extent he can and also provides shelter to the homeless.

Chen si efforts have given many people a second chance in life. This shows that one person can make a difference in this world.

5. What this man does is so kind and so beautiful. Andrew Lumish owns a small cleaning company in Florida. He works six days a week, and he spends his seventh day in a graveyard. He has been going there for two years now! What does he do there? Is he mourning for someone who died and whom he still loves? Maybe he’s doing some strange rituals? I bet you can’t guess.

Andrew is there because he loves his country. What he actually does there is cleaning the tombs of the veterans! So far he has cleaned 300 of them in the past two years. What’s even more amazing it might take up to several months to clean one grave. As soon as the job is done, he posts the “before and after” photo on his Facebook account.

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