Meet The Man Who Is Fighting The System Who Was Once Himself A Victim.

9 stories of lawyers wearing the good guy hat, and doing some truly amazing things.

1. Attorney Jarrett Adams won his very first case as a lawyer when he had the conviction of a man who had spent years in prison overturned. The man was found to be wrongly convicted.

It was a very sweet win for Jarrett because he himself had been convicted of sexual assault when he was younger and spent nearly 10 years in jail before his own case was overturned when he was found to be wrongly convicted.

2. In Britain, Mouhssin Ismail made a major decision to leave his hefty salary at a big law firm to become a teacher then the head master of a high school.

Through his tenure at that school, 95 percent of the students were heading to the best universities in Britain. And THAT’S an amazing feat, and one Mouhssin is very proud of.

3. In Portland, Oregon, 27-year-old Castor Conley was in a mess in court involving a stolen vehicle. He agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge because he did not have the money to pay the owner of the vehicle, which would take it down to a misdemeanor charge.

Colin Murphy, an attorney not even involved in the case, overheard this discussion and did something really unusual for an attorney…. He stepped forward and paid the $983 for the man, so he could avoid the felony charge.

This would keep him out of jail so he could continue to take care of his wife and 17-month-old daughter.

4. Students in Detroit can often have a tough time when it comes to having some nice things to call their own. Attorney Mike Morse recognized that, and decided to do something about it. Something quite extraordinary.

He spent a quarter of a million dollars to buy 23,000 backpacks filled with supplies for all of Detroit’s students in 65 schools. The students… were thrilled.

Says Morse: “I think it teaches them that there are people out there in the community that care about them.”

5. Mark Stopa is the proprietor of the Stopa Law Firm. Much of his job is to help people stay in their houses and avoid that nasty foreclosure. There are many he helps that are in rough circumstances. He can’t help them all as much as he’d like but he did want to give back to some. As he was tucking his young son in one night, the little boy asked “Why don’t YOU give away a house, daddy?”

So he set up something on his website asking people to send him a letter to tell him why they should win a house. He got several hundred letters then picked a winner. Four other finalists received $5,000 each.

Winning the house was Moriah Barnhart and her family. Her daughter, Dalia, had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the family lost everything, including their house, trying to save her life. But even with that, Moriah helped other families whose children were suffering from cancer.

Says Mark: “One person can make a difference in the community; one person can create change… and that’s a cool feeling.”

6. After attorney Tony Tolbert grew up and left his childhood home, his parents would often let others without a home stay in his room.

When Tony discovered a woman was living in a local shelter with her four children, he did something pretty spectacular… he GAVE his home to that woman and her children for up to year until the mother gets back on her feet again. Tony moved back in with his parents for the time being.

7. In Salt Lake City, a very slight, older man walks into his own little legal clinic at a community shelter. He does it to help those who need his legal advice, and he does it… for free.

Attorney Jay Kessler decided to run the clinic at the center because he realized so many people needed legal counsel and couldn’t afford it.

Says Jay: “I’m not here to take cases. I’m not here to make money. I’m here to help people.”

8. 35-year-old lawyer Pankaj Sinha can hold his own against practically any other lawyer. What makes that even more amazing… is the attorney is completely blind. He has all of his legal notes prepared in braille, and he often represents those who are visually impaired or differently-abled. And he wins.

He also stands up for those affected with leprosy and wants them to receive healthcare just like anyone else.

9. Alex Thomason is a lawyer. But he’s not your regular run-of-the-mill attorney. He has his sights set on more personal things… like saving people’s homes.

Alex works in Okanogan County, Washington, and a while back, he bought a fire truck to fight fires. He rounded up a group of guys from Facebook and whenever there’s a fire they can get to, they go.

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