Meghan Markle lays white roses at Texas memorial honoring 19 killed in school shooting

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who currently resides in California, expressed respect to the victims of a Texas school shooting by visiting a monument near the scene of the atrocity.

On Thursday, Markle was seen depositing a bouquet of white flowers outside the Uvalde County Courthouse, not far from the scene of the horrific killing at Robb Elementary School.

According to her representative, the duchess traveled to express her sympathies and solidarity in person to a community in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.

She did not speak to the press during the visit, and it was unknown whether Markle was escorted by camera crews recording content for her Netflix arrangement.
Salvador Rolando Ramos, 18, carried out the bloodiest school massacre in almost a decade in Uvalde on Tuesday, murdering 19 little kids and two instructors before being shot dead by cops.

Meghan Markle visits Texas school shooting

Meghan Markle has visited the scene of the Texas school shooting, to pay tribute to the 19 children and two teachers that were killed.

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Markle’s impromptu visit to the small village about 80 miles west of San Antonio surprised the population, which is still suffering from the horrific event.

The duchess’ travel to Texas comes as her own father, Thomas Markle, 77, recovers under medical supervision following a suspected massive stroke earlier this week.

Following years of hardship in the father-daughter relationship, speculation has lingered over whether she will visit his bedside in Chula Vista, California, barely a few hours’ drive from the house she lives with Prince Harry in Montecito.

Markle was dressed casually in a basic T-shirt, trousers, and ballcap when expressing her respects in Texas, but she wore a $6,900 Cartier Love Bracelet and Princess Diana’s $23,000 Cartier Tank Watch on her left wrist.

It was unknown if Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, who lives in Montecito with her and their two kids, joined her on her trip to Texas, although he was not seen with her at the funeral.

The duchess was accompanied by the head of her security team, Alberto Alvarez, who formerly worked as Michael Jackson’s bodyguard. The security stood at a respectful distance while Markle explored the makeshift monument.

Approaching one of the crosses devoted to the attack’s youngest victim, eight-year-old youngster Uziyah Garcia, Markle lowered her head and deposited flowers.

She also strolled around the memorial, observing the white crosses with the names of the other victims of Tuesday’s massacre.

The names of the 19 kids and 2 teachers killed in the Texas elementary school shooting. The latest updates:

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Though Markle did not speak to the press during her visit to the monument, the American-born duchess has previously noted her support for tighter gun control measures.

Markle addressed at the UN 2020 Girl Up Leadership Summit about the need to “stop gun violence.”

After marrying Markle, Prince Harry allegedly stopped hunting and surrendered his cherished hunting weapons worth more than $60,000 out of regard for her opinions on the subject.

Despite the fact that cameras and TV workers surrounded the monument on Thursday, Markle did not speak to the press.

US President Joe Biden has said that he would soon go to Texas in the wake of the deadly shooting at an elementary school that left 19 students and two teachers dead. | More:

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President Joe Biden intends to visit Uvalde in the coming days as well. He has urged politicians to confront America’s formidable gun-rights lobby and pass ‘common sense gun regulations.’

The Uvalde massacre was the deadliest since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

According to a Texas law enforcement officer, the Uvalde gunman approached the elementary school building ‘unhindered’ through an unsecured entrance.

According to Victor Escalon, regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the shooter did not immediately meet any law enforcement authorities when he entered Robb Elementary School and began shooting on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials faced rising concerns and backlash Thursday over how long it took them to raid a Texas primary school classroom and put an end to the attack.

Many other information, such as the sequence of events and the police action, remained unknown.

Authorities said Ramos had no known criminal or mental health past, therefore the cause for the slaughter remained unknown.

The shooter killed his own grandmother in the face moments prior to attacking the school, and his text conversations revealed that he was arguing with the 66-year-old grandmother over his phone bill.