‘Men fall at my feet asking to go out with me – until they realise how old I am’

A woman described how men rush to date her until she informs them her age.

TikTok user @princessaprilxo confessed that she finds it difficult to date because one thing constantly comes in the way – her age. She turned to social media to reveal her true age, telling her 125,000 followers that “nobody likes a cougar.”

She announced her 44-year-old age in a now-viral video that has been seen more than 8.2 million times – and many can’t believe it.

She explained that men like her until she tells them her age….44.

The video has gotten over 800,000 likes and 41,000 comments from shocked viewers since it was released.

“I don’t think those were males, you must know a lot of boys lol, age is nothing if the woman has a wonderful attitude and is loyal to herself,” one user said.

Another person stated: “Age is only a number. What is important is that you follow your heart.”

A third, though, believed that age may be an issue, saying, “They still like you, but the concept of wanting kids is not conceivable with you anymore.”

Previously, a lady revealed what ‘immediately turns her off’ males – and it has nothing to do with their age.

Jana Hocking, an Australian radio presenter who frequently discusses dating, claimed that who pays for the bill is one of her greatest deal breakers on a date.

The 36-year-old remembers going out with ‘nice people,’ however if they don’t offer to cover the bill, she’s “immediately turned off.”

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