Middle schooler has her back-to-school picture photobombed by an unexpected guest.

Returning to school after a break is frequently an exciting experience. Summer is gone, and with it comes the start of a new academic term, as well as a new grade level or set of subjects.

Returning to school may be a joyous occasion for parents as well. It’s an emotional and momentous thing for parents of older kids to witness their kids take on more responsibility and grow more independent.

When I was little, my mother would always take a picture of me when I started a new class. It was irritating and occasionally humiliating at the time.

But now that I think about it, I see why she did it. It’s a wonderful method to celebrate your children’s development and accomplishments. It may also be a great way for them to recall their first day of school and reflect back on the memories afterwards.

But when ShaneJoy Mills took a back-to-school snapshot of her middle schooler Brooke Mills, she received a little more than she bargained for…

For starters, she didn’t notice anything unusual or out of the norm. Brooke Mills’ back-to-school photo is exceptionally charming at first glance. When her mom examined one of the images more closely, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lord, that was terrifying, she took two shots and asked, ‘Please show your teeth, baby!’ Then she noticed the snake, Mills explained.

She said, ‘Brooke, come here,’ and she stared at her as if she wasn’t done snapping pictures! So she told Brooke to go away from the tree. She stated it quietly, but her expression told it all.

The snake, which appeared to have been newly fed, blended in perfectly with the bark and was scarcely visible. It was difficult to identify. On the event’s Facebook page, some dubbed it a rat snake.

Hundreds of people have shared the message. Thank goodness, the only thing this snake intended to “strike” in this surprise back-to-school photo was a pose!

Well 7th grade here she comes. Appears a friend wanted to go with her. Lucky for brooke he looked like his belly was…

Posted by Kage Fit on Thursday, 8 August 2019

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