MIL Gave A Dirty Look When She Was Buying Makeup Her Comeback Left Her Speechless.

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I just had to share this, oh my Gosh. Someone told me that I shouldn’t because it sounds like a brag, but after everything, MIL has put my partner through, and everything she has said about us, it felt so good!

My partner and I were out shopping, and he had wandered off to look at something else, wanting to avoid the makeup and beauty counter. I haven’t physically been to the makeup section in a while, choosing instead to use Sephora online because of the current situation, so this was exciting to me to get to be at the actual counter and do a whole lot of swatches and drool over makeup in person.

Y’know that scene from Parks and Rec where Ron can sense a shift in energy and he can ‘smell’ his ex-wife whenever she’s in a few miles radius? It was kind of like that. I felt someone watching me and I felt this shift in energy. I was very much aware of being alone and that there were no store attendants close by.

I look over and I see MIL and she’s staring at me and throwing me a dirty look. MIL doesn’t like me. She looks down on me. She looks down on my teaching job, she thinks I’m vapid and vain because I wear makeup. She thinks I’m a golddigger. She thinks I’m a troublemaker. She’s called me a makeup-wearing hussy (which, tbh, I kind of own that. I dig it in a weird way)

She comes over to say hello, this huge sh*t-eating grin on her face because of course, I’m looking at makeup and skincare. To her, this just re-iterates those thoughts she has of me as being shallow and vain.

We mumble a greeting to each other, and then she says to me, “buying more makeup?” Her tone is very surprised as if I possibly couldn’t need more.

“Yes,” I say. “Apparently I have a reputation as a hussy to uphold.”

Her. Face. Dropped. She knew that I knew. She knew that there was a mole and someone was telling me stuff about her and what she said about other people. It felt great. I walked away and left her there, and then my partner and I left before she could spy on him and try to feed him BS or gang up on him.

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