Missing California Teen With Autism Found Safe In Utah After 2 Years

A missing California adolescent with autism has been discovered unharmed in Utah… following a two-year search by his family. Connerjack Oswalt, 19, disappeared from Northern California when he was 16 years old… and his family has been looking for him ever since. 

Locals have observed him pulling a shopping cart throughout the area, and officers have approached him, yet he has never shown symptoms of aggressiveness or criminal activity, according to deputies. Cops were then given a tip.

Connerjack was camping outside of a business in Summit County, Utah, last week when they decided to make a beeline for the region on a hunch. Authorities said they discovered him cold and shivering. 

Connerhjack parents

Evidently, Officers were only able to recognize Connerjack via a finger scan since he did not reveal to them his name. The scan connected him to a warrant out of Nevada… so officials kept looking, thinking there was more to the tale. Police were able to warm him up in the car and scan the Missing and Exploited Children database for his name… and voila, they discovered the posting for him. 

Connerjack has been reconnected with his loved ones.

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