Mistakingly He Finds A Note Written By His Granddad In His Dad Books.

My grandad died in 2006 and he was the rock of the family, he is the sole reason I am the person I am today. I absolutely adored him and losing him broke me. He used to make this amazing apple cake all the time and I thought I was never going to taste it again. I’ve been through countless recipes trying to recreate it but non have even come close. Today while rearranging my kitchen I flicked though some old cooking books while procrastinating. When I looked through a book I got recently of my dad when he was having a clear out a really old hand written note dropped out and it was unmistakably my grandads hand writing. It was the apple pie recipe, so I baked it and it was exactly how I remember. It was like he was back again and it just made me so happy. I miss him so much but for one moment he was alive again.

I am sharing this recipe too…

Ingredients- -225g plain flour,
-1/2 tsp salt,
-1/2 tsp bicarb of soda,
-100g soft butter,
-2 eggs,
-225g sugar,
-2 or 3 chopped skinless apples (except core),
-50g smashed walnuts (optional),
-50g raisins,
-1tsp vanilla,

Steps- -Mix together the flour, bicarb, salt and butter until its like crumble mix,
-beat the eggs and add to mix with vanilla and mix until its a batter,
-Add apples, raisins, walnuts and mix together,
-add mix to baking tin and put in oven (heat oven to 170c before putting in),
-cook for 1h 30m but watch as may be done sooner its ready when brown (do press test to check)

Source: Reddit

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