Model who quit shaving to embrace body hair told she’ll be ‘single forever’

An OnlyFans model who celebrates her body hair has detailed the online abuse she has received.

Fenella Fox, from Bristol, promotes the “all-natural” appearance and has subsequently grown the subscription-based business.

When shaven, the 28-year-old earned $1,000 (£780) per month, but now earns $8,000 (£6,200) “on her worst months.”

Despite her accomplishments since foregoing the razor, she still gets nasty feedback online.

She stated that she doesn’t reply to nasty comments as much anymore, but she is used to adoring answering with a simple ‘why?’ and getting them to explain their foolish rationale for their hatred, which often leaves them looking an idiot.

The most typical hatred she encounters is ‘no guy will love her,” ‘single forever,’ ‘that’s nasty,’ ‘she must smell horrible,’ and so on.”

Men who dislike women with natural hair, according to Fenella, are insecure, and it’s a “reflection of their own bad hygiene.”

She doesn’t let these remarks bother her, particularly when she receives so many favorable ones.

The model continued that she had a lot of men and women remark that she has made them feel more comfortable with their natural physique or their relationships.

The 28-year-old wants to contribute to the normalization of body hair, which she says is becoming more acceptable.

She urges women to consider why they shave, apply cosmetics, and feel self-conscious about their bodies.

She inquired, ”ask questions and see what pops up for you! Do you shave since you want to or because you have to?” 

She continued, “did you learn to feel that way?” Is there a company? An advertisement? Brands like Gillette benefit from women shaving their legs and have been persuading women to do so for many years.

“Would we still shave our legs if companies like Gillette didn’t exist?” Or will we willingly acknowledge it as a natural part of being human, as men have done with theirs?”

If you’re seeking to grow out your body hair, Fenella offers some helpful ideas.

She explained, initially it will grow spiky and she noticed that with time it grows softer so be patient with your body. Give it time to grow, at least one month.

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