Mom And Boyfriend Charged After 6-Yr-Old Boy Is Found Dead Under Floorboards Of Home.

The body of an abused six-year-old child was discovered below the hallway of his mother’s home in Arkansas, resulting in the arrests of the mom and her boyfriend.

Lee County deputies sent special agents Friday night to a residence in Moro, approximately 75 miles east of Little Rock, where the boy’s bones had been found buried beneath a floor.

Police say the youngster may have been deceased for up to three months.

Based on preliminary findings, it seems the youngster died from injuries received in the residence, potentially three months ago, said the Arkansas Department of Public Safety in a news statement. The way and reason for death will be determined by the state medical examiner.

As per authorities, a six-year-old girl was also discovered in the house, with burns on her scalp. She was taken to a Memphis hospital and is now in stable condition.

The children’s mother Ashley Roland, 28, and Nathan Bridges, 33, were detained by state police. Both are charged with capital murder, tampering with physical evidence, and endangering the welfare of a youngster.

Bridges is believed to be Roland’s lover. It’s unclear what prompted the finding.

The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. Anita Widby said at the fundraiser that after going through the correct processes and paying a “ridiculous amount of money,” the grandmother won a court order last week enabling her to visit the kids on weekends.

She had arrived at the residence to pick up her grandkids on Friday when she was told the boy was at a friend’s house and the girl could not walk.

The grandma then transported the girl to the hospital after witnessing her situation. The child’s hair had been cut off, she was underweight, she had fractured ribs, and she had multiple burns on her body that were in various states of recovery.

These injuries are thought to come from her mom and the mother’s boyfriend, Widby stated.

Later that day, the grandmother was notified by authorities that her grandson’s body had been discovered.

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