Mom Forced to Stab Family Pet to Death as 2 Dogs Attacked Her Baby: ‘My Daughter Was Going to Die’

Jamie Morales, a California mom took severe actions to save her 1-year-old daughter, Ruby, as she was attacked by the family’s pit bulls. Jamie knifed the pit bulls that attacked her daughter on Sunday late morning. During the happening, a 3-year-old dog embarks upon the baby before the second pit bull came in and also attacked the little child. Whole family hurried to try to pull the dogs off little Ruby.

According to Ruby’s grandmother Margaret Morales, she saw her two daughters and her son on the kitchen floor trying to get the dogs off. Lastly, her daughter got up and that’s when she saw her granddaughter. Margaret saw the dog was latched on her left leg. That’s when she had to really get her hand into his jaws and open them up and that’s when he freed her. She was badly beaten by the dog and her hand’s pretty severely cut open.

Ruby’s mom suffered facial wounds during the bout, taken a knife and wounded the dogs and one of them died. She said that it was either the dog or her daughter and as a mother, she decided to protect her baby and had to stab the dog.

Ruby received medical care at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center as she suffered dog bites to her face and her body. Ruby will be having surgery at the hospital.

Pico Rivera Mayor, Monica Sanchez said in a declaration that she was shocked and perturbed at the news of the cruel attack on a one year child by family’s pit bulls. She extended her sincere sympathies to the family and wishes for a rapid recovery for the child and wounded family members.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reached at the sight and said the pit bulls attacked Ruby after she began to cry.

Margaret had possessed the dogs, which came from the same family since they were pups. They were let in the home after having a bath. One of the pit bulls that survived will be taken to animal control and will be euthanized.

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