Mom Gets Cancer, Has Another Thing Coming When She Learns Ex Husband’s New Wife’s Part In Matter.

In Chester, England, 41-year-old Nicola Hitchen found out she had cervical cancer. She was a single mother with two sons and her cancer quickly went from stage 2 to stage 4, and the intensive care unit at the hospital could no longer treat her. It was just too advanced.

Facebook/Nicola Hitchin’s Lifesaving Cancer Treatment

In Turkey, however, there was a promising new chemotherapy treatment. But it would cost more than $100,000 for five sessions. It was just too much. Then someone stepped in to help Nicola. Someone who probably would be pretty low on the list of doing something to help her out.

It was the new wife of Nicola’s ex-husband. And it was extremely generous. Claire, the woman Andy Hitchens married after he and Nicola parted ways, launched a huge fundraising campaign to raise about $60,000 for Nicola to get the treatments. Claire explained why she did it: I feel this is not an option, the boys need their Mum and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men and have their own families.”

Facebook/Nicola Hitchen’s Lifesaving Cancer Treatment

The fundraising effort has raised about half of its goal, and Nicola is extremely appreciative of Claire’s efforts to help her. But right now, it’s important to note that the cancer appears to be in remission. And that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

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