Mom gives her baby full stiletto manicure and posts pictures to social media offering them to others

There is no correct or incorrect method to bring up a child (sensibly speaking, obviously.)  When we become moms and fathers, we embark on a path of discovery for which nothing can truly set us up for. What makes matters worse is that we live in a period when everything we do is scrutinised and frequently criticised by somebody or something.  Everybody seems to have an opinion to express, and many of them are shared online, making many individuals fearful of putting a foot wrong. Obviously, it was not a concern for one mother, who has been heavily chastised for giving her infant a full-fledged manicure before publishing the outcomes to the internet for all to see.

The photos were shared on Facebook and show the infant with long, false nails in a stiletto style. The  original billboard captioned the photos, “I’m able to do your baby’s nails.” For further information, please send me a private message. “Affordable prices.” Now, we must note out – as others have – that the photographs of the baby’s hands may have been Photoshopped, however, as others have pointed out, it doesn’t mean others won’t try to replicate this worrying ‘trend’ for real. The photographs quickly made their way to Twitter, where a lot of individuals remarked on the possible dangers of giving a newborn infant nails like the ones depicted in the image.

“I could see painting a baby’s nails, but giving them artificial ones?” one user tweeted. It’s far too risky! They are continually stroking their faces, which might cause serious harm to their eyes. It’s best to wait till they’re much older.” “No, no, no,” said another. Because the baby’s nail is so thin, it may be damaged later in life. And, to be honest, it’s simply ridiculous.” A third added “Especially like the ones exhibited, I mean why would you want pointy items that your infant would place in their mouth and perhaps ingest. It’s just a big no.”

Some people also pointed out that an ignorant newborn may easily jab themselves in the eye with such nails, perhaps causing injury. As a mother or father, you have the right to decide what is the best for your kid, but keep in mind that their safety should always come first. What do you think of the images above? Should a newborn have such ridiculously long nails? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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