Mom Giving Birth in the Red Sea Goes Down as One of the Coolest Water Births.

With regards to giving birth these days, more and more mothers are opting for their living rooms, baths, and, supposedly, the world’s most beautiful oceans. Whether it’s to feel more connected to nature or to bond with their children, these “strange” birthing locations are becoming increasingly prevalent. One mother gave birth in the Red Sea in what seems to be the coolest, most unusual water delivery we’ve ever seen, and a nearby local was able to catch the whole event.

Hadia Hosny El Said, a local, took the images from the balcony of her uncle’s residence.

Mohamed El Said, El Said’s uncle, was the doctor who assisted the couple in giving delivery, and he specialized in water deliveries. She further stated that the pregnant woman and her boyfriend, the identities of whom have not been revealed to the public, were Russian vacationers who traveled to Dahab, Egypt, expressly to give birth in the Red Sea.

The woman, her companion, and the doctor went swimming in the water.

Soon later, the mother gave birth to her child and walked peacefully to shore. El Said noted in her initial Facebook post that she was impressed by the mother’s calm demeanor. She said the mother’s takeoff from the sea after birth was as though nothing had occurred.

While the mother relaxed on the beach, her spouse and the doctor examined the infant.

While the elder guy cradled the little red infant, the younger man placed his still-attached placenta in an orange dish.

The men then met the mother on the beach, where they were joined by another kid anxious to greet the new baby.

The woman’s companion looked to be holding up his own camera to photograph the new mother and her family.

The mother seemed content, but there was little evidence that she had recently given birth.

She didn’t appear tired, sluggish, or in pain as she quietly dried herself off with a towel and watched the doctor care for her infant.

Everyone departed the beach as soon as the mother gave birth in the water, with the baby snuggled in the doctor’s arms.

The photographs have gone viral all over the world since they were uploaded on El Said’s Facebook page on Saturday. While this mother’s sea birth is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen, she isn’t the first to do it. According to Egyptian news sites, several pregnant mothers have recently traveled to Dahab to give birth to their kids in the Red Sea, albeit the reason for this is unknown.

Regardless of the rising practice, doctors caution that giving birth in the open water may be dangerous. According to Live Science, sea and ocean births have not been thoroughly examined sufficiently to be classified as “safe.” And, according to Miami-based expert Dr. Saima Aftab, the high salt content of the ocean might significantly injure a newborn if they accidently take a swallow of water during the birthing process.

While it is not encouraged, this lady and her baby appeared to be happy and healthy after their miraculous delivery process. We’re sure it was as thrilling to encounter as it was to observe.

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