Mom Has Stressful Day At Home With The Kids, Then Toddler Shares With Dad The Real Story.

Moms have an amazing knack when it comes to dealing with stress from the kids. Well, at least they can sometimes make it look easy. One child, then the other… and the stress piles on. But no matter the chores for the day, her babies are her priority. Sometimes, she’s SuperMom, and truly is amazing.


One mom was taking care of her two young kids and crossing things off her list as she went. She accomplished a lot of things that day. And when her daughter was carrying a cake and dropped it… well, what’s a mom to do? Then, her little daughter, the oldest of her precious little girls, said something and it grabbed at her heart.


While mom stood in the doorway of his little girl’s bedroom, her daddy asked his little girl, “So how was your day,” and she proceeded to tell him all about it. She said “Mommy snuggled with me when I was scared… and mommy gave us lots of kisses… we went for a fun ride… but the best part of the day…me and mommy had a food fight (with the dropped cake). It was the best day ever!” Indeed, what a great day.

Watch what words tugged at mom’s heartstrings in the eye-opening video below.

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